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Mommy of one.

Drinker of #coffee (lots and lots of coffee). 

#Writer of #bookboyfriends and #happyeverafters.


Sometimes I write other shit too.

Children’s books. Crime Thrillers.

Blogs, apparently.

I’m not one to stifle creativity,

I find it only feeds the insanity I’m trying to soothe.


The stereotypical writer through and through,

I find hiding out alone in my office or garden, cut off from society

where I can pursue my obsessive compulsions in peace

& carry on uninterrupted conversations with my imaginary friends

while I sip coffee, to be all the rage.


​I like people too.

The real ones.


But I’m shy and often awkward, and I’m told intimidating (trust me, no one is more surprised by this than I am), so I don’t show it well.


If we meet – please don’t hold this against me.


​I use the word f*ck an awful lot. I assure you, I’m not suffering from a limited vocabulary. I’m fluent in two languages and can muddle my way through another few if need be. I just like it. Maybe because I didn’t rebel enough as a teenager.

Fuck if I know.​


​These days, life is a solid stream of awesome craziness compliments of my kid and three dogs, and obviously,

the getting to write and live my dream business, helps too :)




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