Few things are more tragic than loving someone who is set to self-destruct.

Avalon Jennison knows that better than anyone. Growing up it was her mother. Now, it’s Blaise. Her best friend. Her anchor. The man she’d fall head over heels for if only she could trust him to stop hurting the person she loves most. Him.

With his brooding good looks, haunting voice and troubled lyrics of a soul gone lost, Blaise Nolan was made to be a rock star. Chasing his dreams was meant to help him escape his past, but it barely holds the nightmares at bay. The only thing that keeps him holding on is Ava. His best friend. His strength. And the woman he fell in love with way back when she was still the girl next door.

Ava’s been keeping Blaise’s secrets for as long as she can remember, but the harder he pushes the limits of his own body, the closer she gets to accepting what she’s known all along. One way or another, she’s going to lose. Either Blaise. Or herself.

The painful truth is she was never going to save him. But if he could find a way to save himself…maybe he could save them both.

*All Finding Nolan Novels are stand-alone stories. However, due to recurring characters and the way each story builds on the one before it, they are best read in order.*

Lost Avalon: A Rock Star Romance

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