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Second Chances

I've reached that point in age and single-hood where I have to wonder if maybe I already met my person and just...missed it somehow.

I'm sure that's not really a thing, I mean, how could you MISS something significant like that?! But, my mind, forever on the lookout for a fairy tale, always considering the many possibilities of happy ever after, is fond of retelling those old stories and, you know...tweaking them to be more fairy tale like.

And thus, you'll find the very extensive list of Second Chance/First Love rekindled mosaics in my written library (Fruit Punch Kisses being the most recent...Save The Date being the first).

Of course, even when I intend to pretty up in fiction what I botched up in real life, it doesn't always go according to with It's Kinda My Thing, which was totally a Second Chance story...until it wasn't. Which I suppose is telling in its own way. That's one guy, one romance, I really didn't miss out on :-P

Anyway, what's the general feeling on Second Chance romance? Am I the only one starting to look backwards because looking forward is becoming increasingly vague and intangible? Anyone have a second chance in real life that turned out to be the real deal? I'm curious! And not just because I like collecting writing material :-P I just want to know!

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