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Fruit Punch Kisses is live!

After two years of rumbling around my head and then bouncing in and out of the word file before finally being completed, Fruit Punch Kisses is at long last, ready to go out into world!

The deets on Fruit Punch Kisses

It's a small town romance that leans heavy toward the sweet and sassy with a wee bit of cowboy sex appeal ;-)

The official version

New York wedding planner Mercy Rose is looking forward to a future not unlike the fairy tales she creates day after day for her clients. She's even got the perfect prince to seal her fairy tale fate.

When a hurricane savagely blows through her small hometown in rural Louisiana, it's her past she needs to worry about.

Going home, means risking more than finding her family's B&B in ruins, it could mean churning up every last piece of her past she thought was dead and buried. Mainly, every piece she ever shared with Frank Kingston. The boy next door and her first love.

Determined to prove she's moved on, Mercy sets her sights only on matters of the hurricane and serving the community ravaged by it. But the longer she's here, the harder it gets to separate who she's become from who she's always been. And, the harder it gets to deny, the boy who broke her heart...could now turn out to be the man who still owns it.

Download it now at the new release price of only 99 cents!

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