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Sometimes love, no matter how true or how complete, is simply…bittersweet.

The perfect son of a respectable family, Carter’s life is on the fast track for success, destined to replicate his parents’ choices and make them proud. Until the detour.

Esi Harper.

Esi’s been an outcast her entire life. When your mom’s the local psychic who owns the only new age shop in town, it just comes with the territory. Guys like Carter don’t.

But when fate has the two colliding – literally – there’s no denying their connection.

From day one, their love is against all odds, but no amount of obstacles or heartache can keep them from walking down the aisle and promising forever.

For one shining moment, ‘happy ever after’ seems within reach.

Then, a tragic accident changes everything.

When the best day of their lives turns into the worst, can they redefine forever and have the happy ever after they were fated for? Or will against all odds turn out to be truly impossible?

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