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Last Girl

I love her. It’s that simple. And that f*cking complicated.

When Trix loses her twin brother Bo in a tragic accident, she inadvertently gains his best friend, Penn. Whether she wants him or not. And she does not. Penn is the exact opposite of her brother. Obnoxious. Cocky. And out to sleep with as many women as possible. But he knows her grief. He gets it. Because he lost Bo, too.

Penn’s been going out of his way to piss Trix off since he was six. Twenty years later and getting under her skin is still his favorite pastime. And Bo’s still the only thing that keeps them tied together. Even if he has been dead for eight years.

Somehow, Trix and Penn became the constant in each other’s lives. But what started out as comfort is starting to be confusing and the line between love and hate is starting to blur at a steady rate. Trix is the last girl on earth a guy like Penn should fall for. But that might not be enough to stop him.

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