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Coming For You

Most people go to a concert and bring home a t-shirt.

Me? I go and bring home the rock star.

Going on two decades of chart-topping hits and playing his music all over the world, Knox Marley is living the rock star dream. Maybe he hasn't found the right woman, but he's content staying married to his work, convinced his one true love is music.

Until Kenley.

A divorced mom in her forties, Kenley doesn't have time or energy to waste on any more lying scumbags. She's too busy rebuilding her life, taking care of her family and chasing her dreams to give romance another thought. Well, if one doesn't count the occasional rock star fantasy.

When her best friend shows up to surprise her with concert tickets, Kenley doesn't hesitate to let that fantasy blend with reality. After all, no one ever had their heart broken from going to a concert.

Leaving with the rock star is, of course, another story entirely...

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