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No More Love Songs

Skylar Thompson is done with love.

As country music's reigning queen of love songs, she's given her heart all her life and every time it's been returned in pieces. Now she wants out for good. No more romance. No more love songs.

Even if it means career suicide.

She's done chasing after something that was clearly never meant for her.

KIT MORGAN never thought of it as giving up. He simply doesn't have time for romance. He's too busy raising his daughter and running his lodge. At least, that's what he's been telling himself.

When Sky and Kit cross paths, their mutual decision to ward off love indefinitely provides an easy common ground to bond on. However, what they begin to build there is something neither of them sees coming.

Determined not to waste another second of her life searching for something she can't have, will Sky miss the moment when it finds her instead?

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