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Don't Fall

This thing between's just physical.

So, don't blur the rules. Keep your feelings to yourself. And whatever you do...don't fall.

Depending on others has never been Tessa’s strong suit. Now she’s lost the one person she knew she could count on. Moving forward won’t be easy. Letting someone new in? That will be downright impossible.

Lane has spent years jumping through hoops to be the man everyone wants him to be only to crash and burn. He has no plans to rise from the ashes. He intends to disappear. To escape everyone’s expectations and the charade he let his life become. But his quiet hideout turns to chaos when Tessa shows up in the middle of the night, clobbering him with her umbrella.

To be fair, he’s naked. And as it turns out… in her apartment.

Despite both their desires to never cross paths again, they continue to be thrust together. First as roommates. Then in his classroom.

Soon, there's no denying their increasingly intense connection - even if it is just physical.

And it has to be.
Because it's all he's offering. And it's all her guarded heart knows how to accept.

They’re convinced they’ve got everything under control but do they?
It doesn't take long before the rules get blurred, feelings are revealed and hearts are on the line.

Just as Tessa's about to take that big leap, everything starts to crumble around her.

Old fears come creeping back, reminding her that falling means going under, getting left behind and trampled on. It’s a warning she’s heeded all her life…don’t fall.

But what if just this once, there was someone there to catch her?

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