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An Untwist of Fate

Alexis has never been the 'steal your man' type, but with the man of her dreams about to marry one of her oldest friends, it may be time to make an exception.

He was never meant to end up with her. It was always supposed to be Alexis. And if it hadn't been for a colossal, cosmic accident causing a detrimental twist in fate, she's certain she would be the one planning her wedding now.

DAVI has been harboring secret feelings for his best friend's girl for years now.

He'd never make a move on her, but deep down he's been hoping she'd suddenly see he was always the one she was meant to be with. After all, he would have been if his best friend hadn't interfered.

Now that their wedding date is set, it's finally clear to Davi that things got screwed up in a major way and stewing in silence hasn't exactly garnered the desired results.

But nothing is set in stone until someone says "I Do."

Down to the wire and desperate, Alexis and Davi decide to join forces to bust up the wedding that was never meant to be. It’s up to them to undo what happened and put everyone's love stories back on track.

Just one little untwist of fate so everyone gets the happy endings they were always meant for and no one gets hurt. What could go wrong?

*All Once Upon A Wedding Stories are stand-alone and do not need to be read in order*

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