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One Moment at a Time

He hasn’t seen her in seven years. She could be anywhere in the world by now. It’s time to choose. Get over her? Or go after her?

At thirty, Ben Prescott is living his life just as planned. He’s running the family business, has the big house, the fancy car, and a beautiful woman he loves at his side. From the outside looking in, everything seems perfect. Except he’s still haunted by thoughts of the one girl who got away.

At twenty-nine, free-spirited Ky is still traveling the world in search of a place to call home. Collecting adventures along the way, her soul is never left wanting. But her heart is. It’s been years but she can't help thinking of the boy she left behind when his perfect plans felt like chains they both needed freed from.

She’s gone back for him countless times already. In the past, he’s never been ready. Maybe he never will be. The only way she’ll ever know, is to leave a trail…and hope someday he follows it.

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