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Welcome to pINK.
Our girls will break your heart
Blow you away with their talent
Give you the royal treatment
While mouthing off…and still be sweet as cherry pie while doing it.

Olivia ‘Heartbreaker’ Badilla – The fierce and fearless queen of ink with a heart of gold. Outside of her tattoo shop and her friends, the only thing that matters to Heartbreaker is her seventeen-year-old nice, Madi, whom she’s raised from the time Madi was twelve.

Lucas McNealy has been in love with Madi’s Aunt Liv for as long as he can remember. But the nine years between them has kept her from taking notice. Until now. Seven years in the army should be enough to help her see the difference between the boy he was then, and the man he is now.

And maybe it is.

But romance is the last thing on Heartbreaker’s mind when Lucas shows up ready to claim her. She’s got bigger problems than his childhood crush, mainly her criminal brother who’s back in town and wreaking havoc right outside her door. It’s what he always does. What he’s always done. Only this time, the toxic wake of his disastrous choices is spreading beyond his control. It won’t be long before it threatens to take down the shop and everyone in it. Including Madi.

Heartbreaker is prepared to wage war against the evil her brother is in business with. And she’s determined to do it alone.

What she isn’t prepared to do is fall in love with the worst possible choice at the worst possible time.

But then Lucas might prove just as determined as she is…


*** All pINK novels are stand-alone stories. However, due to recurring characters and the way each story builds on the one before it, they are best read in order. ***

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