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Forever Francis

Derek Sills thought he found forever when he married Sammy.

She'd been there from the start, seen it all, stood by him through the endless nights of performing in dive bars hoping they'd make it big someday. It was only right, she'd be there for the glory days, reaping the success along with everyone else. But the years of being a rock star's wife have worn thin, and Sammy wants out.

Letting go isn't easy, but one last night together could be the perfect way to say goodbye.

That was the plan. Plan A.
Instead, Derek winds up with Plan B. Plan Baby, to be more specific.

With Sammy out of the picture for good, it's up to the Finding Nolan crew to help him navigate the new and slightly terrifying adventures of fatherhood.

Francis Hollister knows a little something about keeping her cool in a crisis. She's been Ava's assistant long enough to handle just about anything that comes her way, always fully loaded with sarcasm and f-bombs to spare. But those don't exactly help when your new crisis is a baby and the guy you need to keep cool for is the one man you've been in love with for longer than you can remember.

Things are about to get crazy on the Finding Nolan Tour - Baby on Board!

*All Finding Nolan Novels are stand alone stories. However, due to recurring characters and the way each story builds on the one before it, they are best read in order.* *Contains adult language/adult situations*

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