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Sometimes It Happens Here

The holidays are full of surprises when single Supermom meets Hollywood's Golden Boy...

Lilan Rossi learned years ago, not to trust her own judgement where love is concerned. Now a single mom running a one-woman business, she's more certain than ever, she can't take a risk on romance. She's just about convinced herself she's perfectly happy as long as she holds onto the basics: her daughter, teatime and helping her two best friends put on her hometown's annual Christmas show.

Despite being Hollywood's golden boy, Bodhi James has been striking out in the game of love for as long as he can remember. But even his career can only sustain him so long. Desperate for a timeout from the craziness of fame, he travels to the small town of Blueshadow to reunite with an old college friend on a project sure to remind him why he fell in love with acting in the first place - the annual Christmas show. 

When Lilan and Bodhi cross paths the attraction is instant, but it may take a Christmas miracle to improve his luck in love and overcome her fears of it.

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