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I can't feel. I don't have a heart. And Riker? He's as close to being dead as I am. But he brings me as close to being alive as I'll ever be.

Riker gave up on life when everything he lived for died or disappeared. Mostly he’s just going through the motions, picking up the pieces left behind along with him.

Quinn has been numb so long, she doesn’t remember what love feels like. Some say her heart’s just broken, but after what she’s done, she’s not sure she has one. In pieces or otherwise.

Their meeting might have felt like a fluke the first time. By the second, it was fate. Not for any sentimental reasons. They provide each other a means to an end. That’s all. An escape from a past neither of them wants to talk about and a future neither of them dares to hope for.

It’s just sex.
No love.
No trust.
No expectations.

And Quinn can rest easy knowing no one else gets hurt by the tin girl without a heart.

At least that was her plan...until Riker changed it.

*This book contains sensitive subject matter.*

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