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Chasing After You

Chasing after each other wasn't what we did. We excelled in letting each other go...I just never expected her not to come back.

When Matti fell for Nessa, they did everything right. They fell in love young but gave each other time to grow up. They traveled together. Gave each other freedom to pursue their dreams. Had the perfect wedding, the perfect family, the perfect life. And then…it just changed. No rhyme or reason. It was just over.


Nessa never feared losing Matti in his chase for music. Setting him free to pursue his ambitions of being a rock star was easy. Watching him live his dreams made her happy. Being the one he raced home to like she was his pot of gold at the end of his rainbow was all the proof she ever needed they had the kind of love fairy tales were made of.

Nessa never feared losing Matti. But she never expected to lose herself.

Now, after all the times Nessa let Matti go to find himself, chasing after her feels selfish. Unfair.

But not chasing after her...turns out to be impossible. Even if it means he may already be too late.

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