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Don't Tell Mom She's Not A Rock Star

A feel-good story about a divorced mom in her forties who decides it's never too late to pursue her dreams of becoming a rock star!

- COMING SEPTEMBER 27th, 2022 -

Twenty years ago, Iris McCoy traded one dream for another. Music in exchange for marriage and motherhood. She's never been sorry.

But now she's definitely broke.

Suddenly single, with all the responsibilities of her married life but none of the assets to help manage them, Iris has no choice but to come to terms with her fate.

She's screwed.

She either keeps living in her aunts' basement apartment, scraping by with whatever child support her ex deems appropriate to send her way, when he deems it appropriate to send it. Or she gets a mediocre job she's considered qualified for, throws her entire life into it, lets her kids finish raising each other, and maybe gets a shot at being financially independent again someday.

Or...she can go be a rock star.

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