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Dante has all the makings of a fairy tale prince. The cursed sort. Complete with castle and a heart so broken he's more beast than man. Until he meets Sailor…the sassy Belle to his angry Beast.

Sailor is lost.

She's spent her whole life in the same town, going all the same places, with all the same people. She's dated one boy. One boy who grew into a man. And now, he wants to marry her.

Suddenly, Sailor can't help seeing, how easy it is to go astray...without ever going anywhere.

Now the only way to find to leave.

Dante is trapped.

Unable to heal after his wife’s death, anger has become his constant. He’s angry with the world. Angry with fate. And most of all, angry with himself for failing the people he loves the most.

So, when a stranger’s advice and a bit of bad luck leave Sailor unexpectedly stranded on Dante’s vineyard, he’s anything but welcoming.

He doesn’t care that she’s lost. Or that everyone else seems instantly smitten with her. Or that despite his best efforts, she continues to stick around overriding his constant bad mood with her warmth and humor. He intends to stay immune to her and keep his anger intact.

Sailor, however, isn’t so willing to accept his surly demeanor and slowly but surely, she chips away at his armor.

But setting free a wounded heart doesn’t make it whole. And running away doesn’t lead to being found. And sometimes, even a life-like fairy tale doesn’t lead to ever after…unless someone shows up to fight for it.

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