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A Cinderella Twist

A prince, a power-hungry stepmother, a bookstore run by a fairy godfather and a struggling actress ready for her big debut bring to life this modern-day fairy tale…with a twist.

Growing up in her father’s bookstore, Greer learned early on to believe in the impossible - like making it big one day as an actress. While her father taught her to have big dreams, it was her mother who showed her that she would likely sacrifice anything to see them realized. Even love.

So, in a preemptive move to spare her heart and others, she’s swearing off men while in pursuit of her career.

Lachlan was destined for greatness from the moment he was conceived, and he’s spent his whole life striving to live up to the family legacy and the responsibility that comes with it. When a series of bad circumstances threaten his fate, the path to restore his birthright is littered with impossible choices - forfeit the future he’s been preparing for since birth or give up the child he’s been raising as his own.

Lachlan is determined to do the right thing, but every decision he’s faced with feels more wrong than the next.

When Greer and Lachlan’s lives cross, the timing is kismet. She’s looking for the role of a lifetime and he needs a wife to save his birthright and his child. They’ll have to put on quite a show to fool everyone, but can they do it without getting lost in the act themselves?

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