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Save The Date

He's a cowboy with a heart of gold.

She's a love-hating cynic from the city.

When their worlds collide, will she surrender her heart or end up breaking his?

Calista Luvalle has mixed feelings when it comes to love. On the one hand, the New York wedding dress designer has dedicated her life to love and the dream of happy-ever-after. On the other, she’s a jaded, love-hating cynic who isn’t about to fall for any of that crap herself. But everything changes when she's suddenly summoned to Kentucky to help save her cousin's wedding. Now, Calista has to face more than just her mother's estranged family and the foreign life here at the Ashcraft Farm. She has to face the only boy who ever made her believe in love...and risk falling for the man he's grown into.

Emerson Barrett isn’t worried about finding the right woman. After a tumultuous past, he’s happy just dedicating his life to working horses at one of Kentucky's most prominent stables. Content in knowing what to expect day in and day out, he’s thrown for a loop when he’s suddenly standing face to face with little Lissy Luvalle again.

Only now she’s not so little anymore…

But love isn't as simple as it was when they were kids. They both have scars guarding their hearts and misunderstandings abound when both of them hold back out of fear. When they finally get out of their own way, life seems set on keeping them apart and happy-ever-after may well be the myth Calista always believed it to be.

Before the wedding is over, push comes to shove and she has to decide: Choose love and risk it all or choose to walk away forever.

*All Once Upon a Wedding Stories are stand-alone and do not need to be read in any specific order*

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